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Anthony Bourdain’s adventurous appetite instigated our passion to further expand our culinary horizons. Whether he ate bizarre street food or gourmet food, Bourdain showed us the real value of venturing into new experiences. His dining curiosity and approach to reviewing food mirrored that of our team; well- travelled entrepreneurs, seeking to bridge cultural gaps through food.

TidBit is all about sharing your taste and experiences, like Bourdain who “cared about experiencing the world and learning about other cultures while also helping and influencing where he could”. He understood the passion behind being a chef, sharing what he admired and loved most about each meal while avoiding negative criticism. In fact, he was an avid critic of platforms like Yelp, where users can destroy a restaurant’s public image by sharing negative reviews, posing as culinary experts. TidBit offers a new and transparent approach to online restaurant reviews, focusing on the constructive elements of a dining experience. Users can share their favorite dishes on a scale from 1-10, helping their followers decide not only where to eat, but what to eat. Dish ratings then aggregate to an overall restaurant score which is unique to a network of trusted followers; users can share their recommendations with people of similar tastes and backgrounds, without affecting a restaurant’s public image throughout the platform.

Before traveling to a new city, it’s a must for us to watch Bourdain’s Parts Unknown episode on that city, searching for restaurant picks and even validating if the location is worthy of food tourism. Like us, many devoted fans depended on Anthony Bourdain’s recommendations. To our surprise, there is no platform on the market offering a complete list with all of the restaurants he visited throughout his 12 episodes. So, we compiled it ourselves to memorialize Bourdain’s adventures on TidBit. Our foodies can browse over 330 restaurants worldwide, knowing where and what Bourdain ate in each location and even apply filters to tailor their search within this list. We love to share our favorite restaurant tidbits and thought this was the perfect way to honor his legacy.

We invite you to check out our Remembering Anthony Bourdain list and start your own culinary journey!