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The ultimate App
for foodies

TidBit is a mobile app that provides its users with personalized restaurant-ratings based on their social network or people they choose to follow. Restaurants are rated based on the aggregate score of the dishes, allowing a more transparent review of the users’ experience.
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All you need to know about restaurants and food you got it in TidBit!

Find the best places to eat according to your friends

Invite friends for a meal

Upload pictures of your meal

Recommend restaurants

Share restaurant reviews

Reliable and transparent ratings

How it works

Want to know more?

Find it. Eat it. Rate it. Share it.

Stay in the know!

Check out your friends’ reviews to discover trending restaurants. Reciprocate, share what you ate!

Feeling hungry?

Browse for restaurants nearby rated by those whose taste you trust

Transparent & reliable reviews

Broken down ratings allow for greater insight into your friends’ foodie experience.

Create YOUR foodie network

Keep a record of your restaurant experiences and let your friends rely on your taste.

Planning to dine out has never been easier!

Simply choose a restaurant, select the date, pick your friends & send the invite.

Do you have more questions? FAQ

How do the ratings work?

Each user sees unique ratings depending on the people they chose to follow. TidBit allows you to see ratings and reviews of people whose taste you trust, so say goodbye to overwhelming and generic reviews that don’t match your taste! Ratings on TidBit are done by the dish- users individually rate the dishes they tried, yielding an average rating of the overall restaurant experience.

How does the rating process work?

It’s so simple, it takes less than a minute to rate what you ate! Search for the restaurant you want to review, tap the rate button, select the dishes you tried, click next and a window will display the selected dishes. Now slide your finger on the 1-10 scale and rate the dish. Select a rating for service and ambience on a 1-3 scale. Followed by a picture (optional) and comments (optional). Once you are done, your review will be shared in your TidFeed for all of your followers to see. You may choose the privacy option to avoid sharing your post- your followers will only see your rating if they visit your profile.

Can you only rate food?

No, although more attention is given to the food rating, users also rate the ambience and service. This way, you can get a more transparent insight into your friends’ dining experiences. For example, the service might have been mediocre but the food could have been amazing and that should be reflected separately. If you are particularly interested in the service and ambience when trying to find the next great meal, TidBit allows you to focus on these two aspects while browsing your friends’ reviews.

Is the app only useful for rating?

Not at all! Our team really worked hard to create the most enjoyable app that blends in the restaurant rating aspect with more social and interactive functions. You can use TidBit to see where your friends are eating (TidFeed), to add restaurants to your wishlist, build your own personal list or diary of restaurants (Say goodbye to writing these on your phone notes and say hello to your TidProfile), you can even use TidBit to invite friends out to eat and chat through the app.

What if I don’t have many foodie friends?

No worries, we’ve got you covered. The explore section will always feature local foodies for you to follow while you keep building your own foodie network. TidBit also works perfectly as your own personal restaurant diary so you never forget what and where you ate.

I love taking pictures of food can I do that in TidBit?

Why yes you can! While rating a restaurant, you can add pictures and add them to your review. All of your followers will be able to check out your pictures in the TidFeed, as well as in the restaurant’s profile.

What if I want to discover a restaurant my friends haven’t been to?

Sometimes foodies want to brag about discovering new places and then recommend them to our friends. The explore section contains an advanced restaurant filter system that serves this function. In the explore you can search for more specific restaurants you have in my mind or see restaurants that are being featured by TidBit. In the filter section you can adjust the categories to find the perfect match by being able to chose: neighborhood, cuisine, rating, price. Want to find a cheap Italian restaurant in Soho? No worries, TidBit has you covered!

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